What is Artificial intelligence? Artificial Applications and How its Helpful

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence for people in a hurry the easiest way to think about artificial intelligence is in the context of a human.

After all, humans are the most intelligent creatures we know off AI is a broad branch of computer science the goal of AI is to create systems.

That can function intelligently and independently humans can speak and listen to communicate through language.

This is the field of speech recognition much of speech recognition is statistically based hence it's called statistical learning humans can write and read the text in a language.

This is the field of NLP or natural language processing humans can see with their eyes and process what they see this is the field of computer vision.

Computer vision falls under the symbolic way for computers to process information recently there has been another way which I'll come to later humans recognize the scene around them through their eyes.

This creates images of that world this field of image processing which even though it is not directly related to AI is required for computer vision humans can understand their environment.

And move around fluidly this is the field of robotics humans have the ability to see patterns such as the grouping of like objects.

This is the field of pattern recognition machines that are even better at pattern recognition because they can use more data and dimensions of data this is the field of machine learning.

The human brain is a network of neurons and we use these to learn things if we can replicate the structure and the function of the human brain.

We might be able to get cognitive capabilities in machines this is the field of neural networks if these networks are more complex and deeper and we use those to learn complex things.

That is the field of deep learning there are different types of deep learning and machines.

Which are essentially different techniques to replicate what the human brain does if we get the network to scan images from left to right top to bottom?

It's a convolution neural network a CNN is used to recognize objects in a scene.

This is how computer vision fits in object recognition is accomplished through AI humans can remember the past like what you had for dinner last night well at least most of you we can get a neural network.

To remember a limited past this is a recurrent neural network as you see there are two ways.

An eye works one is symbolically based and another is data based on the database side called a machine learning.

We need to feed the Machine lots of data before it can learn for example if you had lots of data for sales versus advertising spend you can plot that data to see some kind of a pattern.

If the machine can learn this pattern then it can make predictions based on what it has learned while one or two or even three dimensions is easy for humans to understand and learn machines can learn in many more dimensions like even hundred.

Thousands that's why machines can look at lots of high dimensional data and determine patterns once it learns these patterns.

It can make predictions that humans can't even come close to we can use all these machine learning techniques.

Two things classification

Prediction as an example when you use some information about customers to assign new customers to a group like young adults then you are classifying that customer.

If you use data to predict if they're likely to defect to a competitor then you're making a prediction there is another way to think about learning algorithms used for AI.

Train an algorithm with data that also contain the answer then it's called supervised learning.

For example when you train a machine to recognize your friends by name.

An algorithm a goal and expect the Machine through trial-and-error to achieve that goal then it's called reinforcement learning.

Artificial intelligence applications

Artificial intelligence Applications

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in our modern life But in future will they maintain to be indispensable?

  • FarmBot
  • Sewing Robot
  • SimMan 3G
  • Project Esper of 3D4Medical
  • Tiny origami robot
FarmBot is constructed to help you grow all the vegetables we need Plants are automatically spaced and given the specific care.

It can plants seeds, waters the exact amount plants need also has a camera that detects weeds and kills them.

The robot is controlled through an app where users can manage the food and schedules even better, the robot can withstand harsh weather, like heavy rain.

Therefore it can grow enough food for one person all year round In the future, cooking is no longer women’s duty much better, the robot can make everything from pizza to sushi, which requires skills and elegance.

As we can see, it occupies only a single-person space, gives faster and more precise movements in the future, the robot can replace humans in many kitchens, restaurants or even food industries.

A sewing robot is programmed to assemble clothes and make it look easy. this innovation reduces manufacturing costs while improving the quality of clothing.

The military is currently exploring making uniforms using Sebo having an augmented reality display on a car windscreen would add a lot of functionality to the car.

We would be able to see information, choose a driving mode or even send messages to our house. we could connect the appliances in our home so they can communicate with us.

Any device in your home that uses electricity can be put on your home network and at your command, Most applications relate to lighting, home security, home theater, and entertainment.

SimMan 3G is an advanced patient simulator that can display neurological symptoms as well as physiological.

It is simple to operate and feature innovative technology such as automatic drug recognition and wireless technology makes SimMan 3G flexible and mobile.

It is possible to conduct training for the entire rescue chain and allow team training which includes patient handover and emergency reporting to this kind of robot, people nowadays can take the opportunity to get close to more modern medicine.

It creates a better chance to support human health as well as protecting our lives in case we have to face dangerous diseases.

Project Esper of 3D4Medical has an augmented reality app that could revolutionize medical training.

The final development of the product will “completely transform” how anatomy is taught You can interact in a really intuitive way with a 3D representation of the body.

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System is optimized for complex four-quadrant surgery this has brought minimally invasive surgery to more than 3 million patients worldwide.

This technology translates the surgeon’s hand movements into smaller precise movements of tiny instruments inside your body and occasionally grapes.

A tiny origami robot capable of performing internal surgery after being swallowed by a patient device, ingested by way of a capsule of ice.

It is steered by external magnetic fields and can remove a battery Many A.I experts believe that A.I technology will soon make even greater advances in many other areas.

The modern robot will be more intelligent and replace humans in many dangerous jobs and environments this will certainly improve our lives in the near future.

Artificial intelligence in 2020

Artificial intelligence 2020
AI 2020

Everything becomes linked with everything else matter becomes mind and the possibilities become endless imagine 50 billion lottery connected devices by 2020.

Imagine the economic impact of these connected machines 4 to 11 trillion dollars per year by 2025 wearable devices.

Environmental sensors' agricultural machinery components in the vehicle or devices in homes can all be connected to deliver insights and drive transformation.

So imagine if you had smart devices in your home your car your workplace.

 Even on yourself, the world becomes alive that's the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things is making everyday objects into data factories when the Internet of Things.

Along with big data meets artificial intelligence this interface will become enlightened with intelligence.

And a new world will take birth which will increasingly talk back to us imagine the kind of world that it would imagine the revolution in Russia in the way.

We see the world as the external world will become the extension of our mind like an extension of our thoughts imagine a world that is responsive to a world that is optimized for human creativity.

A world that is intelligent the Internet of Things is a breeding ground for new AI-driven solutions.

And experiences from self-driving cars to intelligent homes to help welcome to the world the endless possibilities welcome to AI and IoT summit.

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